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And now, an update

First of all...It seems that the mission statement of this community has gotten a bit lost, which is my fault, so I will present it again for your approval.

What I had envisioned is that this would be a place to track goals-- any sort of goals. Now it just so happens that a lot of the posts have been about goals towards weight loss or getting fit. However, others of my goals include doing things outside of work, possibly moving, feeling in general better about meself, and stuff like that. If you are trying to get a job, you could track that here. Whatever. It's a place where you write things to be accountable to yourself, but also where you can get outside support. So that's what i have in mind.

With that said...

In the weight loss arena...yesterday my dad & I went out to lunch and we tried a new Thai place. I got a Thai & vegetables meal and oh my was it good. And cheap too...just $8. Particularly thrilling was the fact that I just drank water, and that I didn't eat all of my rice, but rather just scooped little bits in as needed. For dinner we had spaghetti. I did my biking and weights and I think I'm going to move up to 3 lb. free weights, cuz the 2 is getting a little too easy now, which is cool. I had 7 triscuits for a snack before bed = 3g fat.

This morning, up at 5:30 to dance to fitness. Actually, that routine is finally getting ho-hum difficulty wise, which is rather now i am trying to kick a little higher, stretch a little more, etc. It's still fun.

Intellectually, I am still reading along in Grant. He is preparing for the siege of Vicksburg. It's funny...if you read histories of the Civil War, it seems like the Vicksburg thing was just waiting around then *boom* victory...meanwhile exciting stuff was happening in the East. However, Grant makes clear that a lot of stuff went on for the entire time, which is interesting to know. He also had his 13 year old son with him for the length of the battle, which struck me as slightly odd, but slightly and oddly cool as well. seems that Karl Rove had declared that the Democrats were a bunch of pussies after 9/11 and that they are too busy trying to gain an "understanding" with the terrorists. Now I thought I had heard Rove say that in fact there had been political unity on 9/11, but then later the Democrats messed that up. I wonder which story will prove true. This is not about me, but I find it so frustrating, so it goes here :)

I have a busy weekend coming up. I need to finish all of my crochet samples & syllabi for my classes, I need to put up flyers to promote my classes, I need to do apartment hunting if possible, possibly might be doing a training session at the historical place, need to get my best friend's b-day present in the mail tonight, and I think there was something else too. Oh yeah...I need to figure out wedding presents for 2 different people. Craziness, pure and simple.

So, that's me, that's this, and that's that. All in one post :D
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