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My_Own_Dr._Phil_Show's Journal
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Monday, January 1st, 2007
5:50 pm
My resolutions ...
1. Balance .... I really need to focus more on time for myself and not just work and home obligations. I resolve to get out more for lunch, dinner, or even a walk with a friend.

2. The perennial favorite ... getting back into shape. I am going to refer to this as getting back to my fighting form. This is not so much weight loss as it is putting my body back into working order.

3. Finishing the only damn craft project I have had going on for the past nine months ... a needlepoint stocking. Argh!

4. Maintaining a grateful heart -- gratitude is incredibly healing. I think when we are at are lowest that we must remember all that we have to be thankful for. Being grateful in the face of adversity is the embodiment of 'mind over matter.'
12:32 am
Pro Progress Returns!!!
Resolution #1? Bring back Pro Progress!

I don't know...I found that when we were posting in this community, I felt a lot more accountable for actually living up to my goals, because I had to report to you guys. So, I'm opening up the community again. Let us know how your goals progress throughout 2007, whatever those goals might be. Just share what you want :)

The first goal I have is to set up and actually carry out a good exercise regimen. Here is what I am thinking as of now:

Monday: 10 sit-ups and "back care yoga"

Tuesday: 10 sit-ups and 20 minutes of biking

Wednesday: "Abs Yoga"

Thursday: 10 sit-ups and 20 minutes of biking

Friday: Dance DVD

Tomorrow will be easy enough because I don't have to get up early and go to work. We'll see if I can get this party started.

Additionally, I would like to read more than the like, 5 books I read in 2006. For sure. I guess I kind of want to shoot for the stars and try to hit that 150 mark of jpettibone, but maybe 10 is more realistic :D

So there you have it. May this community return to life!!!!
Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
7:13 pm
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to sort of awaken this community. It is the time of resolutions, after all, and maybe if we record our progress now, we'll actually work towards those resolutions past, well, now.

I have been biking regularly since Christmas (when I got said bike gizmo) and have been drinking a gallon of water a week. I know you're supposed to drink more than a gallon, but gimme a break. I like to do things other than pee.

I have also done well so far with the reading more. Two books this month. First time that's happened in a Looooooong Time!

How you doin'?
Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
8:51 am
quick quick quick
I've been playing for far too long but here is a quick update.

Yesterday...had a pb&J for lunch, peanuts for a snack in the afternoon. The store called and said, "oh, we just realized we didn't have you fill out the paperwork we need in order to pay you. Can you get here today or tomorrow?" So I went over there and did that. I like getting paid. The event coordinator still hasn't looked at my syllabi, which means there isn't much point in promoting yet. People can't sign up until she puts those in the book. Grr. I hate disorganization.

I have an appointment Wednesday night to look at some apartments. I hope I find something I like. I really got used to living by myself...I have enjoyed living with my parents, but I miss having my own schedule, my own stuff, etc. And this will be the first time I've lived on my own with CAR...that should be fun :) We'll see how it goes.

That's all I have time for right now. Must get crackin'. Later!
Monday, June 27th, 2005
7:52 am
Typing fast. My father told me *yesterday* that I am going to have a busy week. That just can't be a good omen.

Alright, so Friday, to finish my update from last week...what a weird day it turned out to be. My brother went up to a concert, so the parental unit and I got Thai. I got sweet & sour chicken this time and ate quite a lot of rice, so boo on me. My brother was going to stay up where the concert was but he called me at 3 to say he was launching the 2.5 hour drive home. Well, being the paranoid freak great sister that I am, I got up at 3:30 and stayed up just in case something happened and stuff. Lucky for me, I caught 2 really good movies. I got the tail end of Willy Wonka followed by Spidey 2. So that was cool. Brudder got home at 5, rolled his eyes at me, and then I went back to bed :)

Saturday I got up at 8:30 and didn't do my yoga :O I ran to the craft store to turn in my syllabi, and the event coordinator said, "Oh, what are you doing today?" They were having a "family event" all day at the store, and she wanted some of the instructors to do demos to promote the classes. It was 11:00, and I said I could be there from 1-3. So, I ran to Office Max to get pretty paper for flyers, ran to the bank, scarfed the rest of my dinner, and then sat at a table and crocheted for 2 hours. Tre bizarre. After that, I went home, shortly thereafter embarking on apartment hunting with the fatherly one. We had burgers for dinner, and that naughty mom of mine made brownies! :O I limited myself to just a teeny one, and I went to bed pretty early.

Yesterday, I did a lot of reading in the Grant book. I'm on about page 320 now. We have won Vicksburg, and right now he's in Chattanooga. I want to go back there...last time I was there I got to see the Chickamauga battlefield too, which was quite enjoyable (in a somber kind of way). I loves me the mountains around there, foh sure. I finished the poncho that I made out of ribbon yarn and I finished the scarf that is going to be a sample along with the purse. It looks just like the purse -- real narrow black and then the furry stuff around the edges. Trendy? Eh. I started the poncho that is the sample for my poncho class as well. We had brunch, at which point I couldn't resist the sweet sweet bacon. I had 3 pieces :( Before dinner I did random aerobic type things. I have a little step stool so I did stairmaster on that for a bit, did a little tai chi, and did some of the more active steps from my dancing. We had chicken breasts, corn, & rice for dinner, and then I allowed myself another teeny brownie last night. Because I am the only one trying to eat healthy in my house, the rest of the chocolatey goodness should be gone by the time I get home tonight.

This morning--danced danced danced at 5:30, and now I'm here. I have decided on a day off...it's going to be the 1 year anniversary of when I officially came into this position, and it's going to be a couple of days before my first class. I'm going to use the day to hopefully apartment hunt, and maybe I'll get to go to the history place to get trained as well. Wahoo!

Alright, time to go. Later!

Current Mood: busy
Friday, June 24th, 2005
8:56 am
And now, an update
First of all...It seems that the mission statement of this community has gotten a bit lost, which is my fault, so I will present it again for your approval.

What I had envisioned is that this would be a place to track goals-- any sort of goals. Now it just so happens that a lot of the posts have been about goals towards weight loss or getting fit. However, others of my goals include doing things outside of work, possibly moving, feeling in general better about meself, and stuff like that. If you are trying to get a job, you could track that here. Whatever. It's a place where you write things to be accountable to yourself, but also where you can get outside support. So that's what i have in mind.

With that said...

In the weight loss arena...yesterday my dad & I went out to lunch and we tried a new Thai place. I got a Thai & vegetables meal and oh my was it good. And cheap too...just $8. Particularly thrilling was the fact that I just drank water, and that I didn't eat all of my rice, but rather just scooped little bits in as needed. For dinner we had spaghetti. I did my biking and weights and I think I'm going to move up to 3 lb. free weights, cuz the 2 is getting a little too easy now, which is cool. I had 7 triscuits for a snack before bed = 3g fat.

This morning, yup...got up at 5:30 to dance to fitness. Actually, that routine is finally getting ho-hum difficulty wise, which is rather exciting...so now i am trying to kick a little higher, stretch a little more, etc. It's still fun.

Intellectually, I am still reading along in Grant. He is preparing for the siege of Vicksburg. It's funny...if you read histories of the Civil War, it seems like the Vicksburg thing was just waiting around then *boom* victory...meanwhile exciting stuff was happening in the East. However, Grant makes clear that a lot of stuff went on for the entire time, which is interesting to know. He also had his 13 year old son with him for the length of the battle, which struck me as slightly odd, but slightly and oddly cool as well.

Politically...it seems that Karl Rove had declared that the Democrats were a bunch of pussies after 9/11 and that they are too busy trying to gain an "understanding" with the terrorists. Now I thought I had heard Rove et.al. say that in fact there had been political unity on 9/11, but then later the Democrats messed that up. I wonder which story will prove true. This is not about me, but I find it so frustrating, so it goes here :)

I have a busy weekend coming up. I need to finish all of my crochet samples & syllabi for my classes, I need to put up flyers to promote my classes, I need to do apartment hunting if possible, possibly might be doing a training session at the historical place, need to get my best friend's b-day present in the mail tonight, and I think there was something else too. Oh yeah...I need to figure out wedding presents for 2 different people. Craziness, pure and simple.

So, that's me, that's this, and that's that. All in one post :D

Current Mood: busy
Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
8:04 am
where did everybody go?
Man...I know I haven't been putting my updates in here, but that doesn't mean everybody had to stop! :O

Anyway...I have not been the best of girls this week. On Tuesday night I had a small pizza for dinner, then last night I had 2 hot dogs & baked beans. Le sigh. It's too bad because I really wanted a single piece of chocolate, but with those dinners, I didn't let myself. Everyone in the fam has just been too tired to cook anything good :)

So yesterday I was totally wiped, all day long. I barely got up at 5:30 to exercise, but it's a good thing I did, because when I got home I was in no shape to do anything. I could barely hold my eyes open by the time I left work. I have no idea why. Hence my lack of resistance against a meal my mom was willing to cook. I watched t.v (some episodes of Mr. Show and the baseball game) but started periodically falling asleep at about 7. I'd sleep for 15 minutes or half an hour, wake up, then fall back aslseep. I finally dragged my sorry ass up to bed at 10:30. Even with all that sleep, it was hard to get out of bed this morning. And I haven't even started teaching my classes or anything. Hopefully I will get an energy boost!

Also, I have been a very bad girl at work. A lot of not doing work going on. It's ok...there hasn't been a lot of pressing stuff, but things are going to start getting busy soon, and there will be stuff I'll have to do then that I could be doing now to work a head a little bit. Prep stuff that can drive you crazy when the real stuff is taking up the full workday. I still haven't really adjusted yet to the ebb and flow of this job. Sometimes I'm so busy the day flies, and then there will be periods like now where it seems like the world has melted away and I'm sitting at my desk at the edge of a volcano or something. Ah well.

So, up and Adam, Adam Ant. I am going to try to be productive today! :D

Current Mood: tired
Friday, June 17th, 2005
9:27 am
I gained another pound! So I'm back up to a net loss of 2 pounds.

These past two weeks have been highly unusual with Jarrison gone. Much more eating out and much more drinking of the beer than is usual for me. So I'm not gonna let it get me down. As I told Jorie this morning, any stalling in weight loss was probably worth all the nice adult time I've enjoyed with Boomer.

Tomorrow we're going to pick the little man back up so things will be back to normal and I am back on track with a vengeance! :)
8:39 am
update, 2005!
Eh. Ok :)

Well, yesterday was a strange day...my boss this time determined that he wanted to continue a meeting at 1, even though that's usually my lunch time. So...I went to lunch at noon. I made my brother and myself egg sandwiches, which, as the name indicates, is simply scrambled eggs on bread. Probably not the best lunch in the world, but then you need to have eggs every once in awhile. I had an even worse dinner-macaroni & cheese...although I had significantly less than I usually do. I hadn't had mac & cheese for a year, and man...that stuff can taste surprisingly good sometimes!! :)

I did my biking and weights yesterday, per usual. I might have to move up from 2 pound weights sometime soon, but single weights are ridiculously expensive. And heavy :P

I got the job at the craft store! And it's already causing me stress! I was supposed to get a hold of the coordinator last night to schedule my classes for July because the calendar is going to print tomorrow, but having called her three times and leaving messages twice, I never heard from her. Now if I have the whole month of July to prepare, that's ok with me...but I don't want the manager to think I'm slacking. So, I need to call the store here in a few and let them know what's up. Garg.

I am finally starting to see some real progress. I am able to fit into my size 6 pants with a reasonable amount of ease now, and I did the old test..just turning your head down without bending, can you see your feet? I didn't used to be able to see them unless I sucked my tummy in, but now i can, and when I hold my tummy in I can almost see my whole foot. So...I guess i'm moving in the right direction. I have a problem though...and this has happened to me before. I kind of get panic attacks when i lose weight, because I look different than what I'm used to. It escapes my mind somehow that i've been exercising like a fiend and trying to eat better. It just looks like, "Oh, man...I must be really sick, I look thinner." Does anybody else ever have that problem, or am I just psycho?

I think I know the answer to that.

Anyway, gotta get to work. Have a good weekend, everybody!!! :D

Current Mood: okay
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
8:29 am
Ate about 1640 calories yesterday which included ANOTHER restaurant trip. We're kind of spoiling ourselves with Jarrison gone. Spending too much money and I'm drinking too much beer/eating too much crap.

This time I ate oatmeal for breakfast and vegetable soup for lunch so I had like 1200 calories to play with once we got to the restaurant. I ate about half of a half-pound cheeseburger (Boomer insists it was more like 5/8 of the burger, so I record that here for posterity), some fries, a big beer, and a single jalapeno popper. Also had a vodka/some kind of blue pucker shot.

Not feeling especially fit or trim today and I don't know why not. Oh yeah, maybe because I ate a bunch of CRAP yesterday.

Here is a good hint though if anyone wants it. When I have "traditional" lettuce- or greens-based salads, I tend to need dressing, cheese, and croutons to enjoy it and of course the calories add up. However I've discovered that if I chop up cucumbers and tomatoes in about a 2:1 ratio and put some fat free Italian dressing on it, I really like it and I don't need cheese or croutons.
Wednesday, June 15th, 2005
10:31 am
Right now I'm just trying not to stress out too much because one of my favorite responses to stress is to eat! And also, I like to make excuses not to exercise, like I have FAR too much work to do. But nope, not gonna do either one of those things today. And I'm taking time to update this because it too is very important.

First off, Jez and Jorie, you two are kicking a lot of ass and I must say that seeing the examples you guys set, plus being accountable to you guys here, is helping to keep me on the right track. So thanks!

Yesterday I ate 1375 calories, which was 25 under my goal range of 1400-1600. This involved counting the individual ravioli as I put them on my plate, as I knew that 9 of them were 290 calories. Sometimes counting stuff blows but it works best for me, so I keep doing it.

Didn't get to ride my bike yesterday as it was raining again for my Red Cross shift. I go back next week on Wednesday so maybe then! Yesterday was Tuesday so it was Jorge Cruise upper body day. Damn you half-pushups! Today will be more tae bo. I am so hoping to get a treadmill soon because I would rather jog than do tae bo. However, I would rather do tae bo indoors than jog outdoors.

I think I'm probably going to have to start exercising more. Before I got pregnant I lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers and I seriously had to do 30 minutes of aerobic exericise EVERY DAY to get results. I just didn't want to come out of the box saying "every day" because I wanted a more attainable goal. So I'll think for a while about this. :)
8:27 am
I'm sore :o
Well, this week is driving me cuhrazy, folks! But in a good way. Yesterday was a very long day at work. Lots of stressed out people and lots of work for me. So far it's more quiet today (thank God).

Food wise yesterday...I'd give myself a C probably. Had the usual breakfast bar for breakfast, for lunch I had a turkey sammich. In the afternoon I had a small cup of diet pepsi and three itsy bitsy hershey bars. They were partially good for me cuz they had nuts in them! *snort* Ehem. For dinner, I met up with an old friend of mine, which was quite nice. We went to a Mexican joint, where I decided to try the grilled vegetable quesadillas. Unfortunately, these things were like colorful grease pancakes. I think it's the cheese they used. So, I didn't eat much of that, which was probably good. Had caffeine free diet pepsi with dinner. For dessert we went to the hippie store and I got raspberry sorbet. Didn't have a lot of it but what i ate was really good...and I think it was the real deal cuz there were little seeds in it. Yummmm. Had some decaf coffee with that. So, maybe not too bad. I just try to limit myself to one treat a day, so the candy plus the sorbet messed that up.

Amazingly enough, and I am rather proud of myself for this, I got home, relaxed for a bit, and then did my biking and weights. I got finished at 9, which is late for me exercise wise, plus I was really tired.

Today so far, did my dancing at 5:45...guess who is almost "really dancing"?!? :D Yes, it's true. I almost have the whole video down. Actually the part I'm struggling with the most now is rotating my hips really fast while moving 1 arm at a time. You step forward, rotate, move arm down and out, then step to the front with the other foot, rotate hip, do arm, step to the right, step to the left, etc. For some reason my hips do not enjoy going in circles, and my arms do not understand how to move while my feet and hips are. I need to have a teleconference with same and see what's up with that.

I had a Thomas's English muffin with jelly, but I'm not sure the muffins are any good because I felt a wee nauseous after eating them. They've been in the fridge and they didn't taste particularly funky, but eh.

I read a bit more in Grant this morning. I think I've said this before, but the way he describes these battles, you'd never know that they were some of the bloodiest in world history...until he mentions "we buried 4000 enemy dead." And you think, ok, that's not like, a plot for each person, but still, gathering 4000 people and putting them in a grave, and those 4000 people were probably alread in various stages of rot, rigor mortis, etc...that's nasty stuff. But he mentions it in passing with seemingly little emotion. I guess that's why he could be in the military and I never could. Well, other reasons too :P

And now...must work.

Current Mood: sore
Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
8:07 pm
brief update ...
Worked out for an hour and a half on Friday with my trainer -- she came to my house for the first time in a few weeks. I found that I actually missed the gym!?!

Saturday was a run around day but it was beautiful so it was great to be outside.

Sunday I went on an hour plus walk/hike -- again, a beautiful day so it was so fun to be outside.

Yesterday was a BIG day!! I actually ran for over 2 miles for a total of 30 min. Granted it was interval so I ran for over 2 and walked for just under 1. But still, I ran for 30 freakin' minutes! Haven't done that since high school!

Today was a crazy work day but I did manage a 45 min walk up to this park that has amazing views of downtown and the East Bay.

Eating is going well, although I did sneak a couple of mini-chocolate chip cookies tonight. I can tell its PMS because I always have these weird salt/sugar cravings. I had a spicy dinner and I just needed something sweet!

I am so impressed with both Splodey and Jeanine! The calorie counting is too hard for me and so kudos for being able to do that. Also, dancing at 5:45 in the a.m. is beyond my abilities ... I am so not a morning person!

Current Mood: PMS
8:22 am
Okey dokey!

Yesterday went pretty well. I guess I updated half of the day yesterday so I'll just tell about dinner at the Olive Garden. I had a beer and a salad (you're right Jorie, it worked great!) and half of a ten-inch veggie pizza. Also three breadsticks. As best as I can tell I had 1714 calories yesterday which is just 114 calories outside of my goal range.

As long as I know I'm going out, I can eat light the rest of the day and plan for it.

First day of volunteering at the Red Cross was a real eye-opener. Mostly in a good way. I won't go into details because I think a longer entry is going to end up over in my journal. :)
Monday, June 13th, 2005
1:27 pm
I thought I updated but it's not here? What the?!

Yesterday I ate just over 1400 calories and did a little bit of bike-riding, just tuning the bad boy up for today's trip to the Red Cross (although now I'm thinking the bike will stay home because it's been pouring all day long). I had to pound on the tire/wheel a little bit because my brother in law was hit by a car while riding my bike. Dumbass. (I can say that because he was okay.)

Did my tae bo today. Sometimes it takes every last fiber of my self-control to stop myself from giving Billy Blanks the finger, round-kicking the VCR, and collapsing to the floor in a torrent of sobs.

Eating some soup and it's pretty good. I threw a boneless skinless chicken breast in a pot with some water, some chicken buillion, a little bit of garlic, and half of a bag of frozen "Mexican style vegetables." Very tasty and pretty healthy too. Nothing to it, it just sat on the stove for a couple hours while I was up here working.

Someone in my freecycling network is giving away a treadmill. I emailed her about ten or fifteen minutes after she posted it and am waiting to hear back. Two years ago I ran a 5k race and I would like to get back in shape again and possibly run a 10k in the next year or two. Yeah, I finished like third from last but I was glad to just finish. I need a treadmill for this endeavor a) so I can run while Jarrison is around (he won't keep pace with me to jog outdoors) and b) so I can avoid the heckling I seem to get every time I run outdoors (yes, I was even heckled during the race!).
9:39 am
Lotsa stuff!
Alright, here I am. With much to spout--and that will shortly become ironic.

So yesterday was my non-exercise day, it being sunday and all. But it was an interesting day. We had our usual brunch, but no bacon or sausage this time around. 1 egg, bagel, lox. yum. I had one of my fruit popsickles in the afternoon, and then some trail mix because I was unbelievably hungry. We went out to dinner and unfortunately someone ordered the appetizer combo, which said to me, "Hi...I will clog your arteries if you eat me." So i said, "Ok..cool." I had mostly fried zucchini, but I also had half a crab cake, 2 sauerkraut balls, an onion ring, and half a stuffed mushroom. Yeah...not good. And yet it all tasted SO friggin good. To compensate, I didn't have any of the really good bread. For my actual meal, I had the best frickin' salad I have ever eaten in my life. As soon as it was announced we were going to this place, I knew I was going to get this salad. It's grilled salmon over a bed of greens, which may not sound real exciting except that they get every little piece of lettuce drizzled with this lemon vinagrette. Oh my God. Words cannot adequately express how good this salad is, with the warm salmon, cool greens, the delicate dressing. Yumm. I was the only one at the table to finish my whole meal after eating so much of the appetizer tray. Yeah, I'm a piggy. But a HEALTHY piggy!

Now yesterday was weird as well because I decided to try a couple of new things. First of all, I have decided to start working on my nails. Now, the first remarkable part of this is that I actually have nails to "work" on. I have not picked a nail for a week, which is by far a world record for me. So, my mom and I sat down and tried some "cuticle care" stuff. I bought some "hard as nails" and put that on my nails as well. Not sure if I'm doing any of this right, really, but we shall see. I figure if I invest some money into my nails it'll be easier to keep from making them go away. *fingers with nails crossed* Also, I bought this spa treatment facial mask thing, and did that last night. You plaster this stuff on and let it dry for 15 minutes, then wash it off. I have to say it was a rather strange but nice sensation, and I look pretty awesome with a green face :D So, we'll see how that goes. I think I'll go every other night with that instead of every night.

I have also come to the conclusion that I need to commit more to this job that I have. For almost a year now, I have been working here but i have treated it more like a prison term because it's totally not the thing I had educated myself for or hoped for. But in looking around...there are TONS of people in my position, and many of those people have no jobs and are really struggling. I suppose I am afraid that there is a sort of stigma about working for a family business, much like there is a stigma about living at home when you're an adult. But this job really is a great job, it is providing me with very good experience, and there are lots of people right now who would die for this job. I can do better work than what I have been doing. I need to do better and improve my attitude. Part of this means that for the majority of the time (and here comes the irony wot with this really long post) I'm not going to spend much time online here at work unless i really have some down time or need a 5 minute break. No more messenger up, SIGNIFICANTLY less time here in lj, etc. It will take some getting used to, but I feel it's necessary for me to feel better about myself in this position. Oh, and also, my other boss constantly uses my computer for some reason, and it looks really bad when he goes to open something and I have 5 diminished things he could click on, like lj and an e-mail window and 3 dialog boxes. Undue stress, away witchoo. I will miss talking to my new-found buds, but I have to make a commitment to do my best work so that I can feel better about myself, which is what this community is all about. I need to spend less time at the computer and more time making my life what I want in this new reality--not what I trained for but where I have ended up. I have had to swallow/accept much more dastardly realities than this about my life--and I came through things reasonably unscathed that have in other people created such desperation that they have turned to drugs or even more desperate measures. I guess with that said, i can handle working at a job that was not my first choice.

This is not to say that I am going to give up working in my field, but realistically, this is where I am, and I have to stay here for at least 9 months more to get us through the busiest time. So, I reckon it's time to stop wallowing about it and build for the future.

So, with that all said, I will do my best to keep up here in lj, and I will still do my daily updates in here and read yours. We will see how this all works :D

Lookin' forward to hearing about your respective weekends, and welcome back, Cheri!!!!!! :D

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, June 12th, 2005
10:36 am
Kicked butt yesterday, although my exercise plans were foiled by my DDR game on the computer not working correctly and the rain, respectively. Instead I did some of Jorge Cruise's halfway-pushups and felt extra good about it since it was a non-exercise day. Ha ha. I'm so mad about my DDR game, though. Some key must have been mapped wrong, like as soon as you get into the menu to do something it's like somebody is holding the down arrow key down, and you can't get it to stop where you want to. It's like a frigging game of roulette or something.

I ate 1440 calories which seems just about right. I'm wondering if my 1800-2000 goal range was a little too high. Number one, I didn't find myself eating that high most days anyway. Number two, my weight loss seemed good those weeks when I was eating around 1600. So I think 1400-1600 is a better goal range.

I made some pretty good onion rings in the oven, let me know if anybody wants the recipe!
Saturday, June 11th, 2005
12:16 pm
Yay! We have a new convert!
Welcome Mr. Speaker! We expects ya to be a good boy...mmmhmmm.

So...I'll update yesterday and today so far, because I have found that by the time Sunday night comes around, I can't remember how AWESOME Friday was. Right.

OK, so yesterday started a *bit* tough, as some of you know from reading my lj. Also adding to my frustration was the fact that one of my co-workers brought in doughnuts, and oh, they're soooooo good. She brought in a jelly-filled doughnut specifically for me, but being a contrarian i had a crueller instead. *sniff* So good. And so not good for me. But..I...did...well...avoiding...jelly? ehm. Anyway, I did do my usual exercising on Friday before that. 45 minutes of dancing babeee. I have also come to the conclusion that I'm not really awake when I do that. I put stuff back after dancing and when I come home from work i don't remember putting stuff back in that order. Either that or I have ghosts. But it's probably the former.

For lunch yesterday I had another turkey sandwich, 1 tsp mayo, oat bran bread.No chips. Blah blah blah. Now for dinner I had quite the quandary. We went to Friendlys and I saw before me a chance to get chicken fajitas. Also, they had salads. Now...I knew that the safest bet would likely be to get a salad...but the chicken fajitas sounded so good, even if they were Friendlys style. So, i got those. I used 3 tortilla shells, chock full of chicken, red pepper, green pepper, onions, tomatoes, and a bit of sour cream and cheese. So...Ms. Pettibone--exactly how bad of a choice was it? On the plus side--no ice cream.

Starting shortly thereafter, my upper back really started hurting from my weights on Wednesday. The exercises I do are intended for arms but it gets your upper back and shoulders going to, and i'm sort of in a lot of pain here. But, no pain no gain, as they say.I am also fighting off a migraine...usually when I go to bed they go away, but I woke up this morning and it was still there. Ouchy :(

This morning, despite the fact that I stayed up till 12:45 or so last night, i woke up at 7:45 and did my 45 minute yoga tape right away. Then I rushed out the door, went to the office to put Cheri's SURPRISE in the mail (yay!), and then i went to this historical site where I want to volunteer. I had gone to a training way back in October and was hoping to be linked into their archival section, but I never heard anything, so I finally called back last week and set up this interview. Amazingly, the head of volunteers remembered me. The reason i hadn't been called was that the types of work i wanted to do all take place during weekdays (why a lot of retired folks work there),and as much as I would LOVE to skip out on my job to volunteer in my field--I just am not feeling that right now. But, she outlined several things I could do on weekends, so i am going to call her next week and get my training in, and that should get me set. The time needed is really not bad--2 saturdays a month, 11-4. And then as special events come up I can volunteer for those as well.

Still haven't heard from the craft store. The manager had told me last weekend that she would be in on Tuesday (when I interviewed) and Saturday (today) the most, so maybe she'll call me today. I think she is ready to hire me, but she needed to process the personality survey i took and needed my background check to come back. I mean, I know I'm a rebel and all, but c'mon, people. Crochet hooks aren't sharp. :P

Anyway, so that's my day so far. It is really disgusting here--hot, humid, grey hazy skies. Blegh. Still, I briefly met many cool people who were volunteering, and it feels good to know that people remember you after meeting you for 5 minutes at a training session several months ago. I'm *special* :P And hungry.

That's all for now.

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10:17 am
Yesterday went well. I was afraid that after gaining a pound back I might say "fuck it" (or its equivalent); however, I did not.

Instead, I ate some interesting stuff. For breakfast I made a breakfast burrito with an egg, salsa, a little bit of cheese and of course, two corn tortillas (Jorie knows I bought 200 of these a while ago and have since been wondering what to do with them). For lunch I stir-fried a half cup of cooked rice with one egg and a bunch of frozen veggies in soy sauce and garlic. And for dinner I had a tiny little 4 oz steak (it was the round so it was lean), completely smothered with mushrooms and onions sauteed in garlic and white wine), a small baked potato, a salad, and my favorite, steamed carrots. For dessert I had fresh strawberries and fat-free cool whip.

Here is something I learned yesterday: Carrots have calories. When I was in Weight Watchers, carrots were one of the zero-points foods so you didn't have to count them. (All vegetables except potatoes, peas, and corn were zero points, if I recall correctly). So I've been treating them as a freebie kind of snack. Except, you see, when I boil a pound of them and eat them ALL, I'm eating about 175 calories. Whoops. So please, watch out for carrots.

Today and tomorrow are exercise days off for me but I'm sitting here staring at my Dance Dance Revolution pad and I think I'll probably hop on shortly and see if the damn thing still works (last time I tried to play the program was having problems so I might have to re-download). If it's not storming around seven or eight I might go for a little hike, but right now it's just too hot.

Updated the Red Cross stuff in my regular journal, but to recap, I'm starting next week. Volunteering Monday and Tuesday next week, Wednesday the week after that, and then moving to Mondays which will be my "usual" day, at least for now. The people I met yesterday all seemed pretty cool. One guy has been doing it ten years!
Friday, June 10th, 2005
8:24 am
Friday weigh-in, et al:

Well, I gained a pound this week. I guess not so bad, considering. I mean, that's still a net loss of three pounds. I've been exercising every day and I've been able to come back from a pretty crappy weekend of eating.

Ate just 1510 calories yesterday. Just wasn't very hungry for some reason. Guess that's a good thing.

This weekend it's just me here so instead of a license to eat ice cream 24/7 I'm gonna view it as an opportunity to avoid temptation.

(Reading that hikers on the Appalachian Trail burn about 6000 calories a day and that it's impossible to even carry that much food with you. Hmmmm.)

Meeting with the Emergency Food and Shelter lady from the Red Cross today at 4:30. I believe that constitutes today's update!
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