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Yay! We have a new convert!

Welcome Mr. Speaker! We expects ya to be a good boy...mmmhmmm.

So...I'll update yesterday and today so far, because I have found that by the time Sunday night comes around, I can't remember how AWESOME Friday was. Right.

OK, so yesterday started a *bit* tough, as some of you know from reading my lj. Also adding to my frustration was the fact that one of my co-workers brought in doughnuts, and oh, they're soooooo good. She brought in a jelly-filled doughnut specifically for me, but being a contrarian i had a crueller instead. *sniff* So good. And so not good for me. But..I...did...well...avoiding...jelly? ehm. Anyway, I did do my usual exercising on Friday before that. 45 minutes of dancing babeee. I have also come to the conclusion that I'm not really awake when I do that. I put stuff back after dancing and when I come home from work i don't remember putting stuff back in that order. Either that or I have ghosts. But it's probably the former.

For lunch yesterday I had another turkey sandwich, 1 tsp mayo, oat bran bread.No chips. Blah blah blah. Now for dinner I had quite the quandary. We went to Friendlys and I saw before me a chance to get chicken fajitas. Also, they had salads. Now...I knew that the safest bet would likely be to get a salad...but the chicken fajitas sounded so good, even if they were Friendlys style. So, i got those. I used 3 tortilla shells, chock full of chicken, red pepper, green pepper, onions, tomatoes, and a bit of sour cream and cheese. So...Ms. Pettibone--exactly how bad of a choice was it? On the plus side--no ice cream.

Starting shortly thereafter, my upper back really started hurting from my weights on Wednesday. The exercises I do are intended for arms but it gets your upper back and shoulders going to, and i'm sort of in a lot of pain here. But, no pain no gain, as they say.I am also fighting off a migraine...usually when I go to bed they go away, but I woke up this morning and it was still there. Ouchy :(

This morning, despite the fact that I stayed up till 12:45 or so last night, i woke up at 7:45 and did my 45 minute yoga tape right away. Then I rushed out the door, went to the office to put Cheri's SURPRISE in the mail (yay!), and then i went to this historical site where I want to volunteer. I had gone to a training way back in October and was hoping to be linked into their archival section, but I never heard anything, so I finally called back last week and set up this interview. Amazingly, the head of volunteers remembered me. The reason i hadn't been called was that the types of work i wanted to do all take place during weekdays (why a lot of retired folks work there),and as much as I would LOVE to skip out on my job to volunteer in my field--I just am not feeling that right now. But, she outlined several things I could do on weekends, so i am going to call her next week and get my training in, and that should get me set. The time needed is really not bad--2 saturdays a month, 11-4. And then as special events come up I can volunteer for those as well.

Still haven't heard from the craft store. The manager had told me last weekend that she would be in on Tuesday (when I interviewed) and Saturday (today) the most, so maybe she'll call me today. I think she is ready to hire me, but she needed to process the personality survey i took and needed my background check to come back. I mean, I know I'm a rebel and all, but c'mon, people. Crochet hooks aren't sharp. :P

Anyway, so that's my day so far. It is really disgusting here--hot, humid, grey hazy skies. Blegh. Still, I briefly met many cool people who were volunteering, and it feels good to know that people remember you after meeting you for 5 minutes at a training session several months ago. I'm *special* :P And hungry.

That's all for now.
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