~Jezebel~ (jezebelsf) wrote in pro_progress,

My resolutions ...

1. Balance .... I really need to focus more on time for myself and not just work and home obligations. I resolve to get out more for lunch, dinner, or even a walk with a friend.

2. The perennial favorite ... getting back into shape. I am going to refer to this as getting back to my fighting form. This is not so much weight loss as it is putting my body back into working order.

3. Finishing the only damn craft project I have had going on for the past nine months ... a needlepoint stocking. Argh!

4. Maintaining a grateful heart -- gratitude is incredibly healing. I think when we are at are lowest that we must remember all that we have to be thankful for. Being grateful in the face of adversity is the embodiment of 'mind over matter.'
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