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Typing fast. My father told me *yesterday* that I am going to have a busy week. That just can't be a good omen.

Alright, so Friday, to finish my update from last week...what a weird day it turned out to be. My brother went up to a concert, so the parental unit and I got Thai. I got sweet & sour chicken this time and ate quite a lot of rice, so boo on me. My brother was going to stay up where the concert was but he called me at 3 to say he was launching the 2.5 hour drive home. Well, being the paranoid freak great sister that I am, I got up at 3:30 and stayed up just in case something happened and stuff. Lucky for me, I caught 2 really good movies. I got the tail end of Willy Wonka followed by Spidey 2. So that was cool. Brudder got home at 5, rolled his eyes at me, and then I went back to bed :)

Saturday I got up at 8:30 and didn't do my yoga :O I ran to the craft store to turn in my syllabi, and the event coordinator said, "Oh, what are you doing today?" They were having a "family event" all day at the store, and she wanted some of the instructors to do demos to promote the classes. It was 11:00, and I said I could be there from 1-3. So, I ran to Office Max to get pretty paper for flyers, ran to the bank, scarfed the rest of my dinner, and then sat at a table and crocheted for 2 hours. Tre bizarre. After that, I went home, shortly thereafter embarking on apartment hunting with the fatherly one. We had burgers for dinner, and that naughty mom of mine made brownies! :O I limited myself to just a teeny one, and I went to bed pretty early.

Yesterday, I did a lot of reading in the Grant book. I'm on about page 320 now. We have won Vicksburg, and right now he's in Chattanooga. I want to go back there...last time I was there I got to see the Chickamauga battlefield too, which was quite enjoyable (in a somber kind of way). I loves me the mountains around there, foh sure. I finished the poncho that I made out of ribbon yarn and I finished the scarf that is going to be a sample along with the purse. It looks just like the purse -- real narrow black and then the furry stuff around the edges. Trendy? Eh. I started the poncho that is the sample for my poncho class as well. We had brunch, at which point I couldn't resist the sweet sweet bacon. I had 3 pieces :( Before dinner I did random aerobic type things. I have a little step stool so I did stairmaster on that for a bit, did a little tai chi, and did some of the more active steps from my dancing. We had chicken breasts, corn, & rice for dinner, and then I allowed myself another teeny brownie last night. Because I am the only one trying to eat healthy in my house, the rest of the chocolatey goodness should be gone by the time I get home tonight.

This morning--danced danced danced at 5:30, and now I'm here. I have decided on a day's going to be the 1 year anniversary of when I officially came into this position, and it's going to be a couple of days before my first class. I'm going to use the day to hopefully apartment hunt, and maybe I'll get to go to the history place to get trained as well. Wahoo!

Alright, time to go. Later!
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