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where did everybody go?

Man...I know I haven't been putting my updates in here, but that doesn't mean everybody had to stop! :O

Anyway...I have not been the best of girls this week. On Tuesday night I had a small pizza for dinner, then last night I had 2 hot dogs & baked beans. Le sigh. It's too bad because I really wanted a single piece of chocolate, but with those dinners, I didn't let myself. Everyone in the fam has just been too tired to cook anything good :)

So yesterday I was totally wiped, all day long. I barely got up at 5:30 to exercise, but it's a good thing I did, because when I got home I was in no shape to do anything. I could barely hold my eyes open by the time I left work. I have no idea why. Hence my lack of resistance against a meal my mom was willing to cook. I watched t.v (some episodes of Mr. Show and the baseball game) but started periodically falling asleep at about 7. I'd sleep for 15 minutes or half an hour, wake up, then fall back aslseep. I finally dragged my sorry ass up to bed at 10:30. Even with all that sleep, it was hard to get out of bed this morning. And I haven't even started teaching my classes or anything. Hopefully I will get an energy boost!

Also, I have been a very bad girl at work. A lot of not doing work going on. It's ok...there hasn't been a lot of pressing stuff, but things are going to start getting busy soon, and there will be stuff I'll have to do then that I could be doing now to work a head a little bit. Prep stuff that can drive you crazy when the real stuff is taking up the full workday. I still haven't really adjusted yet to the ebb and flow of this job. Sometimes I'm so busy the day flies, and then there will be periods like now where it seems like the world has melted away and I'm sitting at my desk at the edge of a volcano or something. Ah well.

So, up and Adam, Adam Ant. I am going to try to be productive today! :D
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