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update, 2005!

Eh. Ok :)

Well, yesterday was a strange boss this time determined that he wanted to continue a meeting at 1, even though that's usually my lunch time. So...I went to lunch at noon. I made my brother and myself egg sandwiches, which, as the name indicates, is simply scrambled eggs on bread. Probably not the best lunch in the world, but then you need to have eggs every once in awhile. I had an even worse dinner-macaroni & cheese...although I had significantly less than I usually do. I hadn't had mac & cheese for a year, and man...that stuff can taste surprisingly good sometimes!! :)

I did my biking and weights yesterday, per usual. I might have to move up from 2 pound weights sometime soon, but single weights are ridiculously expensive. And heavy :P

I got the job at the craft store! And it's already causing me stress! I was supposed to get a hold of the coordinator last night to schedule my classes for July because the calendar is going to print tomorrow, but having called her three times and leaving messages twice, I never heard from her. Now if I have the whole month of July to prepare, that's ok with me...but I don't want the manager to think I'm slacking. So, I need to call the store here in a few and let them know what's up. Garg.

I am finally starting to see some real progress. I am able to fit into my size 6 pants with a reasonable amount of ease now, and I did the old test..just turning your head down without bending, can you see your feet? I didn't used to be able to see them unless I sucked my tummy in, but now i can, and when I hold my tummy in I can almost see my whole foot. So...I guess i'm moving in the right direction. I have a problem though...and this has happened to me before. I kind of get panic attacks when i lose weight, because I look different than what I'm used to. It escapes my mind somehow that i've been exercising like a fiend and trying to eat better. It just looks like, "Oh, man...I must be really sick, I look thinner." Does anybody else ever have that problem, or am I just psycho?

I think I know the answer to that.

Anyway, gotta get to work. Have a good weekend, everybody!!! :D
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