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I'm sore :o

Well, this week is driving me cuhrazy, folks! But in a good way. Yesterday was a very long day at work. Lots of stressed out people and lots of work for me. So far it's more quiet today (thank God).

Food wise yesterday...I'd give myself a C probably. Had the usual breakfast bar for breakfast, for lunch I had a turkey sammich. In the afternoon I had a small cup of diet pepsi and three itsy bitsy hershey bars. They were partially good for me cuz they had nuts in them! *snort* Ehem. For dinner, I met up with an old friend of mine, which was quite nice. We went to a Mexican joint, where I decided to try the grilled vegetable quesadillas. Unfortunately, these things were like colorful grease pancakes. I think it's the cheese they used. So, I didn't eat much of that, which was probably good. Had caffeine free diet pepsi with dinner. For dessert we went to the hippie store and I got raspberry sorbet. Didn't have a lot of it but what i ate was really good...and I think it was the real deal cuz there were little seeds in it. Yummmm. Had some decaf coffee with that. So, maybe not too bad. I just try to limit myself to one treat a day, so the candy plus the sorbet messed that up.

Amazingly enough, and I am rather proud of myself for this, I got home, relaxed for a bit, and then did my biking and weights. I got finished at 9, which is late for me exercise wise, plus I was really tired.

Today so far, did my dancing at 5:45...guess who is almost "really dancing"?!? :D Yes, it's true. I almost have the whole video down. Actually the part I'm struggling with the most now is rotating my hips really fast while moving 1 arm at a time. You step forward, rotate, move arm down and out, then step to the front with the other foot, rotate hip, do arm, step to the right, step to the left, etc. For some reason my hips do not enjoy going in circles, and my arms do not understand how to move while my feet and hips are. I need to have a teleconference with same and see what's up with that.

I had a Thomas's English muffin with jelly, but I'm not sure the muffins are any good because I felt a wee nauseous after eating them. They've been in the fridge and they didn't taste particularly funky, but eh.

I read a bit more in Grant this morning. I think I've said this before, but the way he describes these battles, you'd never know that they were some of the bloodiest in world history...until he mentions "we buried 4000 enemy dead." And you think, ok, that's not like, a plot for each person, but still, gathering 4000 people and putting them in a grave, and those 4000 people were probably alread in various stages of rot, rigor mortis, etc...that's nasty stuff. But he mentions it in passing with seemingly little emotion. I guess that's why he could be in the military and I never could. Well, other reasons too :P

And now...must work.
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