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brief update ...

Worked out for an hour and a half on Friday with my trainer -- she came to my house for the first time in a few weeks. I found that I actually missed the gym!?!

Saturday was a run around day but it was beautiful so it was great to be outside.

Sunday I went on an hour plus walk/hike -- again, a beautiful day so it was so fun to be outside.

Yesterday was a BIG day!! I actually ran for over 2 miles for a total of 30 min. Granted it was interval so I ran for over 2 and walked for just under 1. But still, I ran for 30 freakin' minutes! Haven't done that since high school!

Today was a crazy work day but I did manage a 45 min walk up to this park that has amazing views of downtown and the East Bay.

Eating is going well, although I did sneak a couple of mini-chocolate chip cookies tonight. I can tell its PMS because I always have these weird salt/sugar cravings. I had a spicy dinner and I just needed something sweet!

I am so impressed with both Splodey and Jeanine! The calorie counting is too hard for me and so kudos for being able to do that. Also, dancing at 5:45 in the a.m. is beyond my abilities ... I am so not a morning person!
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