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Alright, here I am. With much to spout--and that will shortly become ironic.

So yesterday was my non-exercise day, it being sunday and all. But it was an interesting day. We had our usual brunch, but no bacon or sausage this time around. 1 egg, bagel, lox. yum. I had one of my fruit popsickles in the afternoon, and then some trail mix because I was unbelievably hungry. We went out to dinner and unfortunately someone ordered the appetizer combo, which said to me, "Hi...I will clog your arteries if you eat me." So i said, "" I had mostly fried zucchini, but I also had half a crab cake, 2 sauerkraut balls, an onion ring, and half a stuffed mushroom. Yeah...not good. And yet it all tasted SO friggin good. To compensate, I didn't have any of the really good bread. For my actual meal, I had the best frickin' salad I have ever eaten in my life. As soon as it was announced we were going to this place, I knew I was going to get this salad. It's grilled salmon over a bed of greens, which may not sound real exciting except that they get every little piece of lettuce drizzled with this lemon vinagrette. Oh my God. Words cannot adequately express how good this salad is, with the warm salmon, cool greens, the delicate dressing. Yumm. I was the only one at the table to finish my whole meal after eating so much of the appetizer tray. Yeah, I'm a piggy. But a HEALTHY piggy!

Now yesterday was weird as well because I decided to try a couple of new things. First of all, I have decided to start working on my nails. Now, the first remarkable part of this is that I actually have nails to "work" on. I have not picked a nail for a week, which is by far a world record for me. So, my mom and I sat down and tried some "cuticle care" stuff. I bought some "hard as nails" and put that on my nails as well. Not sure if I'm doing any of this right, really, but we shall see. I figure if I invest some money into my nails it'll be easier to keep from making them go away. *fingers with nails crossed* Also, I bought this spa treatment facial mask thing, and did that last night. You plaster this stuff on and let it dry for 15 minutes, then wash it off. I have to say it was a rather strange but nice sensation, and I look pretty awesome with a green face :D So, we'll see how that goes. I think I'll go every other night with that instead of every night.

I have also come to the conclusion that I need to commit more to this job that I have. For almost a year now, I have been working here but i have treated it more like a prison term because it's totally not the thing I had educated myself for or hoped for. But in looking around...there are TONS of people in my position, and many of those people have no jobs and are really struggling. I suppose I am afraid that there is a sort of stigma about working for a family business, much like there is a stigma about living at home when you're an adult. But this job really is a great job, it is providing me with very good experience, and there are lots of people right now who would die for this job. I can do better work than what I have been doing. I need to do better and improve my attitude. Part of this means that for the majority of the time (and here comes the irony wot with this really long post) I'm not going to spend much time online here at work unless i really have some down time or need a 5 minute break. No more messenger up, SIGNIFICANTLY less time here in lj, etc. It will take some getting used to, but I feel it's necessary for me to feel better about myself in this position. Oh, and also, my other boss constantly uses my computer for some reason, and it looks really bad when he goes to open something and I have 5 diminished things he could click on, like lj and an e-mail window and 3 dialog boxes. Undue stress, away witchoo. I will miss talking to my new-found buds, but I have to make a commitment to do my best work so that I can feel better about myself, which is what this community is all about. I need to spend less time at the computer and more time making my life what I want in this new reality--not what I trained for but where I have ended up. I have had to swallow/accept much more dastardly realities than this about my life--and I came through things reasonably unscathed that have in other people created such desperation that they have turned to drugs or even more desperate measures. I guess with that said, i can handle working at a job that was not my first choice.

This is not to say that I am going to give up working in my field, but realistically, this is where I am, and I have to stay here for at least 9 months more to get us through the busiest time. So, I reckon it's time to stop wallowing about it and build for the future.

So, with that all said, I will do my best to keep up here in lj, and I will still do my daily updates in here and read yours. We will see how this all works :D

Lookin' forward to hearing about your respective weekends, and welcome back, Cheri!!!!!! :D
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